An Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Dinner American-Style

An Ayurvedic Thanksgiving Dinner American-Style

A typical Thanksgiving dinner, as long as it is made with love and good quality, unprocessed food, is really quite

Sage and Leek Sourdough Stuffing Photo Credit:
Sage and Leek Sourdough Stuffing
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Ayurvedic. Compared to most American dinners during the year, Thanksgiving dinner tends to be home-cooked, which is a very healthy start. And the appreciation and focus on food that goes hand-in-hand with this great holiday sets the stage for a truly blissful occasion that can only support healthy digestion.

Diners can partake of proper portions of each dish according to their doshas (body types), keeping the meal quite Ayurvedic. For example, Vata turkey lovers can choose the dark meat; Pitta and Kapha non-vegetarians the white meat. In the same vein, Vatas can fill up their plates with potatoes, stuffing and turkey (the sweet tastes). Pittas can have more moderate portions of each, as well as any bitter greens that are available. Kaphas should eat these mainstays slowly and with some restraint, making sure they load half of their plates with bitter greens, such as green beans and kale. For fun, Kaphas can enjoy extra cranberry sauce and a little less pie or pie without the crust. If, on the other hand, you’d rather throw out all the rules for the holiday, then calmly and positively enjoy eating to excess for one day, accepting any digestive consequences and recognizing that one day off the program is unlikely to kill you.

For vegetarians or vegans wishing to hold firm to their diets, however, there is no need to give up principles or risk digestive misery if you plan ahead. Here are several recipes from leading Ayurvedic chefs and personalities that will keep you as stuffed as a turkey and as sattwic (blissful) as a guru. Enjoy!

Eat, drink and be positively merry this Thanksgiving. Namaste!

Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving dinner ideas!

Mosarene Scalzer – head chef of the former Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center Lancaster

Menu: baked potato and panir casserole, green beans dressed in coconut milk, quinoa with raisins and apple crisp

Chef Johnny Brannigan – prior chef at The Raj and author of award-winning Ayurvedic cookbook, Eat, Taste, Heal

Menu: Nut loaf and sweet potato tower with tarragon gravy, cranberry sauce, mint sauce, sage and leek sourdough stuffing, saffron roast potatoes and french beans with fennel and slivered fried almonds

Ginger Doulliard – wife of Ayurvedic practitioner, John Doulliard, and mother of 5

Menu: Ayurvedic veggie turkey, vegetarian gravy, and crazy good vegetarian gravy

To learn how to incorporate the six tastes and proper doshic portions for your specific constitution, book an Initial Consultation and Report of Findings with Positively Ayurvedic.


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