Rx for Your Back

Rx for Your Back

Well, I think that the title of the book says it all!

When I was having lower back pain several years ago, I purchased this book to help myself heal. Along with a fabulous non-manipulative chiropractor, I used this book to get rid of the tension and inflammation that had robbed my mobility and quality of life for at least nine months. I have since shared this book with others who have shared it with their friends.

The technique is simple, combining yoga, pilates and breath work. It is written by an M.D. who specializes in treating athletes. And 15 minutes a day is a commitment that anyone can make to alleviate the debilitating effects of back pain.

Dr. Vijay Vad includes three step-by-step exercise series so even individuals with limited mobility can benefit. It can also be practiced on a regular basis as a preventive measure for those who spend their day sitting behind a computer. In short, Back Rx is worth a shot before resorting to invasive back surgery.

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