Can You Change Your Genes?

Can You Change Your Genes?

Ever feel like you’re doomed to a future of poor health because of your family history and genes? Perhaps your parents and grandparents all died in their 50s or 60s, or everyone in your family gets cancer. According to recent scientific discoveries, you may have more control over your long-term health than you realize. By most accounts, 95% of all cancer is preventable, and we know that heart disease and type 2 diabetes can be prevented with the right dietary and lifestyle habits.

If DNA loads the gun, what is it that actually pulls the trigger on our genetic expression? What is epigenetics, and what does this relatively new area of science have to say about our DNA? How did the Agouti sisters aptly demonstrate the ability to alter heredity? Karen Callahan’s e-book entitled, “Changing Your DNA for Optimum Health,”  provides a nice overview of the latest in genetic research findings and uncovers how the ancient practice of Ayurveda can support the latest findings to help you increase your longevity and vitality.

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