Never Fear Cold Season Again

Never Fear Cold Season Again

Ayurveda gives us the tools to PREVENT colds and flu. And if you happen to catch something, it provides herbal remedies to get you through the worst of it.

Enlighten yourself with an understanding of why people develop sinus conditions in early Spring and allergies in the Spring and Fall. Then arm yourself with the wisdom that will enable you to build an immune system strong enough to hold off the most creative new germs and viruses vaccine-free. The suggestions are great for the entire family.

This 30-page e-book written by Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Karen Callahan, will help you understand the energetic ebb and flow of the seasons and the dietary and daily routines that can keep you one step ahead of bad weather. Additional remedies for numerous symptoms, including allergies, are included. See a sampling of ginger recipes here.

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