Treat Your Heat With Aloe Vera Juice

Treat Your Heat With Aloe Vera Juice

That’s right. Whether you are experiencing indigestion or acid reflux or simply had too much alcohol to drink at the pool, a dose of aloe vera juice might be just what you need to cool down. The green color of this juice is our first hint that it is a cooling, bitter food with some support for the heart. The bitter taste, as just mentioned, is the second hint.

Aloe vera juice is an alkaline drink that helps reduce acidity in the digestive tract. It is a demulcent, so it hydrates the body and soothes the tissues. This is what makes it such a good internal and external cleanser for overheated skin. My mom had aloe vera plants all over our house when I was an adolescent; I used to pick the leaves and spread the juice directly on my acne. It didn’t smell great, but it worked wonders! And it’s a soothing topical for sunburn. The plant’s demulcent quality also makes it a great laxative when you feel constipated.

Aloe vera offers support for the liver and many chronic digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis. As you’re probably noticing, this plant is best for reducing heat and increasing moisture in the body’s tissues. In fact, most of the conditions I’ve listed here are considered Pitta imbalances, which often go hand in hand with inflammation and summer heat.That’s what makes it such a great addition to your Summer medicine cabinet.

As a daily summer routine, drinking aloe vera juice is highly recommended, particularly if you have a dominant Pitta dosha. Try to find a brand that taste good (some of them are VERY bitter!) but is also low in sugar. Sugar tends to foster acidity in the body, so too much of it can actually offset the benefits of drinking the juice in the first place. Both Trader Joe and Whole Foods have great options with only 4 calories of sugar that are palatable and effective.

Click here for more details on all of the benefits of this wonderful gift from Mother Nature.


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