Cooling Summer Herb Special!

Cooling Summer Herb Special!

Get 2 oz. of customized cooling herb formula (a $15 value) when you book a body treatment or consultation with Positively Ayurvedic during the months of June and July!

Cooling herbs help soothe and support the liver, so it can do its job more effectively. The result? Less inflammation and angst in your body…and your mind. That’s right! Some cooling herbs direct their ‘chill’ to the brain, helping to calm us and make us more compassionate and loving toward others despite temperamental temperatures.

Some of the best cooling herbs include amalaki, bala, brahmi, chamomile, coriander, fennel, gokshura, gotu kola, mint, licorice, manjishta, marshmallow root, rose hip, shankha pushpi, shatavari and skullcap. Each has properties that are beneficial depending upon your body type and current symptoms, and certain herbs work together to accentuate specific benefits. Let Positively Ayurvedic design one for you!

Select from numerous body treatments or get a full, customized consultation. Offer applies to current patients and clients as well, so if you need a follow-up, book one this summer and receive your cooling herbal formula as a FREE added bonus.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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