It’s Nasya Time!

It’s Nasya Time!

Spring is a great time to incorporate a daily or at least weekly nasya treatment into your routine. After all, Spring is the Kapha season when sinus issues, allergies and depression rev up. 

Nasya is a  method of snuffing medicated oil through the nose to help bypass the blood/brain barrier. It can be used to induce relaxation and support sleep. Or it can be used to help cleanse and stimulate the brain, preventing sinus congestion, headaches and depression.

How to Use Nasya:

  1. Warm bottle to body temperature
  2. Tilt head back over the side of the bed
  3. Exhale. Hold left nostril. Insert 1 dropperful of oil into right nostril. Sniff aggressively 3x. Massage around sinuses with finger.
  4. Repeat for other nostril.
  5. Close your eyes and keep head tilted back for 5-10 minutes.

That’s all there is to it, and the results are well worth it! Click here to order your Spring supply of nasya designed for a balance of relaxation and mental clarity.



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