Taking Stock of Winter Soups

Taking Stock of Winter Soups

Nothing warms the cockles of the heart on a bitterly cold winter day like a hearty bowl of soup.

Why Soup?

Ayurveda recommends healthy soups year round for the lighter evening meal, as well as for children and convalescents. Fresh seasonal vegetables, grains, pasta, beans and dhals, and herbs and spices can all make flavorful additions to the soup pot. All you need to accompany a rich soup is some bread, preferably freshly made and eaten according to one’s constitution.1

Photo Credit: Rustic Food
Photo Credit: Rustic Food

Soup is particularly a mainstay for Vatas and Kaphas, who need warm support to ignite their digestive fires (agni). In addition, it represents an easy way to get vegetables and protein into your diet. Most of us need to consume a greater quantity and variety of vegetables; for that, soup is just the ticket.

Soup by Ayurvedic Dosha

Since Fall to early Winter is the Vata season and late Winter through Spring is the Kapha season, the warmth of soups is especially supportive November through March. Both Vatas and Kaphas tend to be cold, so warm foods are balancing for them, as are pungent vegetables like onions or chilies. Vatas (and Pittas) do better with root vegetables, which are usually heavier and more nutritive in energy2. Kaphas and Pittas benefit from leafy or green vegetables, which are usually lighter and drying and often possess blood-cleansing properties. Nightshades3, like tomatoes or potatoes, can provoke food allergies in Vata or Pitta types. If you have issues with nightshades, cooking them will reduce some of the negative side effects, although frying can make the effect worse.

Winter soups tend to include more root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and beets, reminiscent of a typical Vata food plan. Adding leafy greens or cabbage or any kind of legume can make them better for Kaphas, particularly as we head into Spring, the cleansing season.

Winter Soup Ideas

Here are several great soups you might add to your meal planning this Winter. Enjoy!

Vegetarian Noodle Soup

Photo Credit: Svastha Ayurveda
Photo Credit: Svastha Ayurveda

Vegetable Barley and Tofu

Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe

Beet Soup

Cream of Spinach and Coconut Soup

Savory Pumpkin Soup


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