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Get Healthy By Eating Potatoes

Ah the lowly potato. Often demised as a carbohydrate-heavy contributor to excess weight, it has remained a beloved part of the standard American diet. But did you know, in addition to the incredible variety of ways you can eat this tuber, potatoes offer a plethora of nutrition and health benefits? Continue Reading

Determining You WILL be Healthy This Year

As one of my favorite gurus, Yoda, counsels, “Do or do not; there is no try.” Translation? We must first clearly and firmly determine to make something happen before it can become reality. This sentiment is echoed by motivational speaker and life coach Mary Morrissey, who likes to say, “Everything is created twice–once in the mind and then once in the physical world.” Will you make a clear determination to either become or stay healthy in 2019? And why is it so important to take this mental step? Read on… Continue Reading