April 21 – Deadline to PRE-ORDER Spring Cleanse Kit

Positively Ayurvedic and Karen Callahan will be leading an Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse for the community. Supportive elements of the cleanse will include a Live Webinar with Q&A on May 10 and two Facebook Live Events on May 12 and 13. These forums will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and gain confidence to make the experience an enjoyable one. The webinar will provide tips to help you customize your cleanse for optimum results. I hope you will join us! Namaste!


The kit provides all the basics to do a 7-day cleanse at home or (2) 3-day cleanses for you and your partner.In addition, Positively Ayurvedic’s Spring Cleanse Kit includes a BONUS 20-page digital download, Spring Cleaning: Body, Mind & Closet, and additional support to help you customize your cleanse for optimum results. Support includes a Spring Cleanse Webinar and Q&A session on May 10 at 4:00 pm PT and one hour of Facebook Live Q&A on May 11 and May 12 starting at 9:00 am PT each day. Details for each, along with the digital download, will be provided in a separate email after your purchase is confirmed.

Physical kit contains organic yellow mung dal (1.63 lbs), organic basmati rice (3.15 lbs), kitchari spice mix (3.5 oz), organic ghee (7.5 oz), triphala tablets (1 bottle), organic sesame oil (1-16 fluid oz bottle), and Pukka Detox Tea. Shipping is available for an additional charge or can be picked up at Curative Yoga Studio in Pasadena beginning May 10th.


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Kichari, the Complete Cleansing Mixture

Kichari, the Complete Cleansing Mixture

Tasty and filling, this traditional Ayurvedic go-to dish is a mainstay in Ayurvedic cooking for so many reasons. First, its two main ingredients are basmati rice and mung dal. Together they create a complete protein that is completely balanced for all of the doshas (tridoshic). Mung is the one legume that all three doshas can… Continue Reading

Spring is Sprouting Up All Over!

Spring is Sprouting Up All Over!

Spring is the Kapha season or the season when we begin to eat lighter, drier foods. After a Winter of heavy, moist foods that could prove imbalancing during the rainy season, it’s time to dry and lighten up our bodies. It’s time to cleanse! One of the things that make sprouts so good for spring… Continue Reading

Scrape  Your Way to Good Digestion

Scrape Your Way to Good Digestion

The ancient Ayurvedic healing philosophy of India has recommended tongue scraping for centuries as an aid to digestion and for the health of the teeth and the sinuses. Since digestion begins in the mouth, cleaning the salivary glands activates them and enhances overall digestion. In addition, removing the ama (toxic residue) or coating from the… Continue Reading