Food Cravings?  Ayurvedic Ways to Satisfy Them

Food Cravings? Ayurvedic Ways to Satisfy Them

Daydreaming of mounds of chocolate chip cookies or Reese’s Pieces? Can’t wait for the meeting to end so you can dash to Starbucks during the break? Whatever the craving, it’s important to understand the underlying need if you want to alleviate it…AND protect your long-term health. Ayurveda understands the connection between food cravings, emotions and… Continue Reading

Sunday, October 14 – 7:00-8:00 pm – Sound Bath Meditation

Attuned to each of the Chakras, the 7 crystal bowls create a vibration and beautiful sound that resonate with the energy centers of your body, promoting healing, balance and deep meditation. Singing bowls are incredibly powerful with many benefits to heal past trauma, emotional/mental imbalances and also invite grounding and spiritual awakening. These bowls help… Continue Reading

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a growing epidemic, and many people are walking around undiagnosed. When your body is coping with chronic stress from living out of sync with its natural time clock, irregular blood sugar levels can play havoc with your health. But the good news is: Diabetes Type 2 is preventable. There are many foods and… Continue Reading