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Group Virtual WHITE SPACE Classes

Get off the grid and combine guided meditation with creative visualization for a full hour of bliss. Enhance your intuitive and creative brain function for improved mental balance and enhanced daily performance.

Unlike anything else you do, including most yoga classes, White Space delivers a full hour without expectations. Most people find it easier than regular meditation. In fact, your single responsibility is to lie still, in utter relaxation, and let your mind go where it is instructed.

All group members are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, pillow, bolster or rolled towel and a blanket. Then get ready to let go of any tensions from the day while you sink into blissful awareness.

Email Karen to schedule one hour for yourself or your group! You will need to provide email addresses for each participant so Zoom requests can be sent to each at the agreed upon time. ($95 per hour)

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Here are just a few of the topics Karen can address:

  • Allergy Prevention
  • ADHD and ADD: Helping Your Children Learn and Focus Naturally
  • Preventing Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Building Compassion and Bliss Through Food
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Cold Prevention: Stopping Flu Season Before It Begins
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Changing Your DNA for Optimum Health
  • Spring Cleaning: Body, Mind & Closet
  • Stress Management for Yogis (no e-book)
  • Urinary and Prostrate Health for Men
  • Weight Management the Yogi Way (no e-book)
  • Women’s Health: Alternative Tests & Treatments

Email Karen your meeting date and time to discuss a booking

Download e-books of previous topics

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