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Grapefruit Kickstart

Grapefruit Kickstart

Pink-GrapefruitThe holidays are over, and our bodies are feeling a little cold and abused. Circulation, digestion and even the flow of bile in your system may feel stagnated. It’s time to let nature nurse you back into shape.

Grapefruit is a great way to help get everything moving and get your digestion back on track. Ayurvedically speaking, grapefruit is sour and a little bitter in taste. It is slightly warm in energy and sour in post-digestive effect. It decreases Vata, mildly increases Pitta (not a big risk during the cold season!) and it helps liquefy and discharge Kapha. According to Dr. David Frawley in his book, Ayurvedic Healing for Health Care Professionals, “It is good in the morning for promoting the discharge of phlegm accumulated through the night.” We consider it a stimulant, expectorant and astringent that aids in the digestion of sugar and fat, making it good for weight reduction. It also stimulates the liver and enzyme production in the pancreas.

Looking for an effective way to integrate grapefruit into your daily diet? Try this beautiful recipe from one of my favorite online Ayurvedic recipe sources, www.joyfulbelly.com. It makes a simple, cleansing, sweet, tart breakfast good for Kaphas and those wishing to lose a little weight for the new year.


Peel the grapefruit. Slice in flat circles. Mix ginger and cardamom with honey into a spicy paste. Drizzle over the sliced grapefruit. Cardamom is optional.

2 pinch cardamom

2 pinch dried ginger

1 cup grapefruit

1 tsp honey

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