Taking Water Back to School

Taking Water Back to School

It’s back to school season and that means stocking up on all of the supplies your kids will need to help them learn and grow. Amidst the pencils and notebooks, be sure to include personalized water bottles.

Water bottles are great options for school for so many reasons. First, they cut down on waste and help save the planet from an excess of disposable plastic water bottles. A reusable bottle also reduces the waste of hard-earned money. Next, Ayurveda teaches the importance of sipping warm or room temperature water throughout the day. The practice keeps your child hydrated throughout the day, assisting with overall digestion and focus, enhancing your child’s capability for learning. After school, kids need the energy boost that clean, non-contaminated water provides to support sports or other extracurricular activities. Lastly, getting your kids into the habit of sipping water throughout the day can help prevent colds now and serve them well as a life-long routine.

While there are lots of options available, the only one that is essential from a health perspective is that the bottles you buy are tested to be SAFE from BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. Just because a bottle is aluminum or stainless steel on the outside does not mean it’s safe on the inside unless it is stipulated, so buyer beware.

Here’s some great options designed to meet the most important considerations of most parents, starting with being chemical-free.

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