Get Into Hot Water

Get Into Hot Water

If you follow my posts, you know what an advocate I am for warm and room temperature water. This is because cold water (or God forbid, ice water) plays havoc with your body’s ability to properly metabolize the water that you drink. Warm water (or room temperature water in the hot summer) relaxes the body’s digestive system so the water is more easily absorbed into the blood stream and later into the body’s cells.

Hot water is best for Kapha types in the late Fall and Winter time, increasing the overall heat in the digestive system, which heightens the slow Kapha metabolism. Warm water is best for Vatas and Pittas in late Fall and Winter, although individuals with severe Pitta imbalances may do just fine with room temp water all year ’round.

The nice thing about making this simple change in your lifestyle is that hot water  is readily available. Almost any restaurant can provide it when asked. If you’re on the run dropping kids off at school and/or heading to the office, you can boil water before leaving the house and take it with you in a stainless steel coffee mug. Hot water refills are easy enough to come by in most office kitchens, or anywhere else you visit for that matter. If the only option is warming your water in a microwave, however, it’s better to fill your container with cold water and let it sit unopened for awhile until the liquid adjusts to room temp.

If you are in one of the rare places where hot water is not accessible, try this Capresso water kettle. It plugs in anywhere and boils water FAST. I use it in my office at the yoga studio because that is one of the places I spend a lot of time without access to a stove or water dispenser.



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