Positively Ayurvedic offers many services to help those interested in preventive healthcare AND those seeking relief from chronic symptoms. We utilize ancient Ayurvedic principles to assist patients fueled by a commitment to long-term health transformation on a very deep level.
With guidance from Positively Ayurvedic, you will learn to heal yourself of many of modern life’s maladies. You’ll take charge of your life and start making better choices.

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Choose 1 of 3 Ways to Proceed:
1) NEW PATIENTS – If you are looking for immune support and/or relief from specific digestive disorders, new clients can book a 30-minute Probiotic Consult ($49). Following the call, you will receive your complete probiotic protocol and product recommendations. Cost of probiotics are not included.
2) NEW PATIENTS – For a personalized Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle diagnosis and a complete treatment plan, new clients should consider investing in a virtual Initial Ayurvedic Consultation ($295 – THE MOST EFFECTIVE APPROACH!)
Most patients benefit from a comprehensive, customized program and an initial understanding of their body’s individual constitution and imbalances. Here’s how the process works.
  • Book an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation
  • Complete and Submit Your History                                                    After booking your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes a general intake form for completion and submission at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wait for the Initial Ayurvedic Consultation Zoom Email Link – Click on it at Agreed-upon time. The one-hour online review includes a virtual check-up, medical history and body type evaluation.
  • Book Your one-hour Report of Findings 5-7 days later. 
  • Watch the 30-minute FUNdamentals of Ayurveda video.
  • Wait for the Zoom Email Report of Findings Link – Click on it at Agreed-upon time. The one-hour Report of Findings will reveal your body type (Prakruti), your current imbalances (Vikruti) and your customized treatment plan. Karen will also answer any questions you have after viewing the FUNdamentals of Ayurveda video.
  • Purchase herbs and/or products recommended.                                You will receive an invoice for custom formulas and products provided by Positively Ayurvedic. Upon receipt of payment, your product will ship. You should receive it in 2-3 business days. Occasionally, Positively Ayurvedic will recommend products it doesn’t carry, in which case you will receive a link or brand recommendation.
  • Work the Plan                                                                                                      Ayurveda requires a change of lifestyle. It only works when you do.
  • Watch the Healthy Eating Habits series, a ten-day series of 5-minute videos designed to improve your knowledge of HOW to eat. Watching them daily will help keep proper eating routines top of mind.
  • Schedule your next two 30-minute Veda Chats as directed. These brief virtual follow-ups helps Positively Ayurvedic check-in on patient progress. If needed, modifications to herbal remedies and routines may be addressed.
  • Book future visits as needed. Patients completing the Initial Ayurvedic Consultation Package can book future 30-minute Veda Chats ($49), or 60-min Veda Chats ($95) when the need arises.
  • Products and herbs are not included.
3) EXISTING PATIENTS – Book a 30- or 60-minute Veda Chat ($49 or $95 respectively), depending upon the amount of support needed. Virtual Veda Chats can be used for Yoga Nidra demonstrations and sound healing sessions, as well as follow-up questions, patient check-in and herbal refill requests. 
Ayurveda is a long-term approach to health. Ongoing support is an essential part of the process. Virtual follow-up visits help keep your healthy transition on track through weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments.
Once your health is in balance and your habits are in place, visits are recommended once or twice a year for treatment modification and/or annual cleanses. Through it all, Karen will serve as your guide, counselor and cheerleader.
Stay well.



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